Our range of animal products and feeds:

Dog Food

Pointer, Davies Ranger, Wafcol, Beta, Chappie, Gilpa, Supadog, James Wellbeloved, Bakers, Chudleys, Omega, Vitalin, Dr Johns, Pedigree, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Proplan, Winalot, Butchers, Breederpak, Treats and Chews

Cat Food

Omega, Iams, Whiskas, Duchess, Cat Stars, Go-cat, Felix

Small Animals

Supa rabbit delux, excel, junior & dwarf, mayfield fruity rabbit, Russell Rabbit, Charlie chinchilla, Gerty Guinea, Supa guinea, Harry Hamster, Geri Gerbil, James Wellbeloved ferret, Chudleys ferret, Supa ferret, Reggie Rat, Science selective rabbit, guinea, rat, chinchilla. Wild Bird food, peanuts,


Mixed Corn, Split Maize, wheat, Layers pellets, Chickcrumbs, Grower pellets, Grit, Organic range, Turkey, Goose and Duck,


Baileys, Spillers, Dodson & Horrell, Allen & Page, Top Spec, Dengie, Blue Chip, Equilibra, Happy hoof, Mixed Flakes, Bran, Beet Pulp, Flaked Barley, Rolled Oats, Chop, Molychop, Hay, Straw, Snowflake dustfree shavings, Megazorb, Easibed, Bliss, Bedmax

Cattle, Sheep and Pigs

Rumevite, Supalyx buckets, Frank Wright Minerals, Rockies, BOCM feeds, SCA Milk, Volac Milk,

Animal Health

(Licenced Store to prescribe and sell Animal Health Products)
Heptovac P Plus, Covexin 8, Footvax, Blackleg, Tribovax, Ovivac P Plus, Swaycop, Lambivac, Dectomax, Cydectin, Noramectin, Virbamec, Closamectin, Panacur, Combinex, Levacide, Nilzan, Albensure, Rycoben, Supaverm, Valbazen, Fasinex, Fasimec Duo, Ivomec Super, Copinox, Copprite, Copasure, Adrencaine, Calcium, Cosecure, Vecoxan, Triselco B Plus, Thrivit, Tracesure, Rumbol, Clik, Crovect, Vetrazin, Spoton, Swish, Paracide Plus Sheep Dip, Ectoforce,
Equest, Equest Pramox, Equimax, Equimax Tablets, Equitape, Eqvalan, Eqvalan Duo, Eraquell, Noramectin, Panacur paste & granules, Pyratape, Strongid paste & granules + all other Animal health products and accessories.

Deosan Dairy Chemicals, Hypochlorite, Formalin,